SmartShaker 3 Trouble Shooting

My SmartShaker 3 isn't responding.

Plug your SmartShaker 3 to a power source to make sure it is charged. You can check the battery level by pressing the snooze button. 

If this cannot help, reset your SmartShaker 3 via the pin-hole.

My app isn't connecting to my SmartShaker 3?

    1. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
    2. Place the SmartShaker 3 and the connected phone closely together.

If this cannot help, try below.

    1. Force kill the SmartShaker 3 App.
    2. Toggle Bluetooth on your mobile.
    3. Reset your SmartShaker 3 via the pin-hole.
    4. Open your app again. 

What should I do if SmartShaker behave abnormal, for example keep vibration even the Alarm switch is in off position?

Reset the device via the pin-hole.

My SmartShaker 3 will not vibrate even though alarm time already arrive?

My SmartShaker 3 will not vibrate even thought message is arrived?

My SmartShaker 3 keep blue blinking and my app cannot connect to SmartShaker 3?

How can I setup my SmartShaker 3 again after I change to a new phone?

How can I setup a new SmartShaker 3 and remove the old SmartShaker 3 from my phone?