App Aud Click FAQ


How do I connect my Aud Click to my WiFi?

  1. Connect your phone to your Wi-Fi network (Must be 2.4GHz network).
  2. Download the "iLuv Aud Click" app.
  3. To power on the Aud Click press and hold the power/Wi-Fi button on the bottom of the unit.
  4. Open the Aud Click app. The app will begin searching for your Aud Click.
  5. Select "New Aud Click" (If you do not see this, lower the font size on your phone).
  6. Confirm your phone is connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Select next.
  7. Select your Aud Click from the list of devices.
  8. Enter your Wi-Fi password and select next.
  9. Quickly press the power/Wi-Fi button on the bottom of the Aud Click then select continue on the app.
  10. If connection is successful select "Next". If connection was unsuccessful select "Try Again" and re-enter your password.
  11. Choose or enter a name to identify your Aud Click then select "Next".


How do I connect to Alexa?

  1. To sign into Alexa select "Sign in with Amazon" during setup.
  2. If you do not have an Amazon account select "Create a new Amazon account" and follow the steps.
  3. Sign into your Amazon account.
  4. Select skip.
  5. Tap the silver ring of the Aud Click and say "Hello" or "What's the weather?", Alexa will reply.
  6. Select "next" to see a few commands then select "next"
  7. Select "Amazon Alexa" then "Amazon app"
  8. If you do not have the Alexa app installed, install it now.
  9. Open the app then sign in using your Amazon account and password.

You may personalize Alexa or learn about her skills by selecting the menu icon, next to "Home", to browse the selections.


Can I use the Aud Click with more than one phone?

Yes. More than one phone can be connected via WiFi.


How do I reset the Aud Click?

Please try resetting the unit. Power on the Aud Click. After the second chime or 30 seconds, press and hold the Wi-Fi button and the silver click ring until you hear a chime (about 6 seconds). When the speaker resets it will announce it has restored the factory settings. 


I have two Aud Clicks. How do I setup the second one?               

Select the right arrow at the top of the screen to go to the device list. Select "+" to set up the second Aud Click.


How can I have my Aud Clicks play the same music for a multi-room listening experience?

1. Enter the device list by selecting the arrow right of your device name.
2. To sync the one device to another select and hold one speaker until it turn grey then drag and drop it over another speaker. The device dropped will say "Synchronized playback"
3. Press the 'Play All' button on the screen.


How do I set two or more Aud Clicks in stereo mode?  

1. Select the right arrow at the top of the screen to go to the device list.

2. Place your finger on the second device then move it over the first device. The app will synchronize the playback.

3. Select the speaker icon on each device and change it to "L" for left or "R" for right sound.

4. Press "Play All" button on the screen.


How do I turn off synchronized play back?         

1.Select the right arrow at the top of the screen to go to the device list.

2. Place your finger on the second device then slide it down. The app will turn off synchronized playback.


How do I setup the Bluetooth of the Amazon Echo Dot with Aud Click?

To connect Echo Dot to Aud Click:

1. Turn on the Aud Click then quickly click the silver ring twice. The Aud Click will switch to Bluetooth pairing mode and the LED light will flash blue.
2. Open the Alexa app and select Settings.
3. Select the your device, and then select Bluetooth > Pair a New Device. Your Echo Dot will enter pairing mode. When the Echo Dot discovers your Bluetooth speaker, the speaker appears in the list of available devices in the Alexa app.
4. Select iLuv Aud Click. The Echo Dot will connects to the speaker and Alexa then tells you if the connection is successful.
5. In the Alexa app select Continue. Your iLuv Aud Click is now paired with your Echo Dot.
If you want to play audio from another device on your Bluetooth speaker, say "Disconnect."

- To control audio volume on the Aud Click, use your Echo Dot (by voice or the light ring) or turn the silver ring on the Aud Click..
- To connect to a previously paired device, say "Connect." The Echo Dot connects to the device that was last connected.
- To manage your Bluetooth devices, go to Settings > (Device Name) > Bluetooth


What is compatible Bluetooth version?

Aud Click is compatible with Bluetooth version V2.1+EDR  or later.


How do I connect to Bluetooth?

  1. After powering on the Aud Click, double click the silver ring. The white LED will flash blue.
  2. Turn your phone`s Bluetooth on.
  3. If your phone does not auto-scan for devices please scan for available Bluetooth devices.
  4. Select the "iLuv Aud Click" from the list of devices.
  5. Once connected the flash blue LED will change to a solid blue.

Note: Alexa will not function in Bluetooth mode. To return to WiFi mode double click the silver ring. The Aud Click will return to Wi-Fi Mode and show a white LED.


Can I use Aud Click with a lap top or a computer?

Yes. As long as your computer's Bluetooth version is 2.1+EDR or later and supports A2DP and HSP profiles, you can play the Aud Click with your computer. While new PC models will work, most older models may not as they do not support the A2DP profile. 



Where can I find out samples of Alexa commands?       

You can find samples on commands in the Alexa app under "Things to try".


Do I need to call 'Alexa' to activate the Alexa function?               

No. You can simply click the top ring without calling 'Alexa'.


When do I know the battery is low?

  • Powered off but connected to the charging cable - Flash red
  • In WiFi mode - Flashing white and red
  • In Bluetooth mode - Flashing blue and red


How long will do it take to fully charge?

  • Powered off - Up to 3 hours
  • In standby mode - Up to 6 hours
  • While in use - The battery cannot be fully charged. The charge light will stay on while connected to a charger.


What is the battery life?

Play time: @50% Max Volume - 3 hrs.; @Max Volume - 2 hrs.

Standby time: 5 hrs.


Why alarm did not work in the morning?

If you set an alarm, we recommend you keep the Aud Click plugged into a charger to avoid a low battery. 


Why does Alexa tell me the weather in Seattle?             

You need to set up your profile including your location information from the Alexa app.


Can I play music even if there is no WiFi?

Yes, you can play music on your phone through Bluetooth.