App Aud Click 2 FAQ


Why Alexa on Aud Click 2 does not work?

To use Alexa function Aud Click 2 needs to be connected to your phone via Bluetooth and your phone must have internet access via data network or WiFi.

When you use Aud Click 2, you must open Aud Click 2 app first and click top ring on the Aud Click 2 to ask questions. As long as Aud Click 2 app is in the background, Aud Click 2 works.


How can I set up Alexa?

Download 'Aud Click 2' app from the app store. After connecting Aud Click 2 to your phone via Bluetooth, follow the app to set up. You also need to set up Alexa account to have personalized service such as weather or news.


Why does Alexa tell me the weather in Seattle?

You need to set up your profile including your location information from the Alexa app. You can go to Amazon Alexa from "Amazon Alexa" menu on Aud Click 2 menu too.


Can I use the Aud Click 2 with more than one phone?

No. Since it is connected via Bluetooth, you can use it with only one phone at a time. If you want to use Aud Click 2 with a different phone, you can simply click the Bluetooth button at the bottom of the unit once. The current Bluetooth will be disconnected. You can pair it with another phone that you want to use. 


How can I disconnect Bluetooth from the Aud Click 2 unit?

You can simply click the Bluetooth button at the bottom of the Aud Click 2 to disconnect the current Bluetooth. You don't need to chase the person who hold the paired phone.


Where can I find samples of Alexa commands?

You can find Alexa samples from the Alexa app. Open the Alexa App and got o "Things to Try" menu for more examples of the commands.


Do I need to call 'Alexa' to activate the Alexa function? 

No. You can simply click the top ring and give a command.


Do I need an app to activate the Alexa function?

Yes. You need to open the Aud Click 2 app and start to use Aud Click 2 unit.  


Why alarm did not work in the morning?

If you set an alarm, we recommend you keep charging the unit to prevent low battery/missing alarm.


Can I play music even if there is no WiFi?

Yes, you can play music on your phone through Bluetooth.


Can I answer incoming calls hands free?

Yes, you can simply click the ring once to answer the incoming call. You can click top ring one more time to hang up. If you want to decline the call, press and hold the top ring for a moment.