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Weather-resistant outdoor wireless Bluetooth® speaker with TrueWireless Stereo™ pairing for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s/5c/5/4S, Galaxy S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Note 4/3, LG, HTC, and other Bluetooth-compatible smartphones and tablets
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Experience the benefits of TrueWireless Stereo™, which lets you create your own stereo system wirelessly using two SyrenPro® speakers. This outdoor weather-resistant Bluetooth® speaker combines superior jAura® acoustics and unique design elements for a completely stunning sound. It’s perfect for your outdoor party.
Incredible Sound
Need big sound from a portable speaker? Look no further than SyrenPro®. Equipped with jAura® sound enhancement technology, SyrenPro® provides a perfect balance of high, middle and low range frequencies. It has a 3” co-axial speaker that delivers powerful, high fidelity sound capable of filling rooms and outdoor areas.
Two Power Options
With two power options, you can play music from SyrenPro® however you want. Plug SyrenPro® into an electrical outlet or go wireless and take your music with you anywhere you go. A rechargeable battery provides up to four hours of playtime, so you can enjoy your music even if the speaker isn’t plugged in.
Get Bigger Sound with TrueWireless Stereo™
SyrenPro® is a great-sounding speaker, but you can get even bigger sound when you connect it to a second SyrenPro®. The TrueWireless Stereo™ feature allows you to wirelessly pair two SyrenPro® units to create a full stereo system. Now when you stream music from your phone, both speakers will play, providing an immensely rich and clear soundscape.
Weather-Resistant Design
Take SyrenPro® to your next outdoor event. Its UV- and splash-resistant coating protects it from exposure to the elements. Whether you’re having a pool party or hanging out at the beach, SyrenPro® is the perfect speaker to bring with you.
-True wireless feature – connect SyrenPro® to a second unit wirelessly to create a stereo system
-Incredible 360° sound
-Weather/UV resistant
-Voice prompt for quick and convenient pairing
-3” co-axial speaker
-Rechargeable battery for 4 hours of playtime
-Aux-in to connect to other devices
What is included
AC Adapter, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card
Dimensions: 8.35in(W) x 11.61in(H) x 8.35in(D)
Weight: 4.18 lbs
Apple® and Android™ smartphones and tablets, most Bluetooth® devices
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Based on 3 reviews
5 out of 5 stars

Most Helpful Customer Review

love it. going to buy another! By      
5 stars

Outstanding. I love this. Will pair with another.
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Great solution for projector By      
5 stars

Got a new projector for second viewing room but did not want to go whole hog on wiring up new AV system due to space and hassle. Bluetooth sound bars was no option either. Got one of the Syren Pros and it did a surprising job of making the sound appear from in front of you as the sound is 3D, the bass is quite decent (I have wood floors), and the top speaker projects up and outward so even though the speaker is technically playing away from me and towards the screen 15' away, the sound reflects back and appears to come from the screen. Awesome! I also have a 5.1.2 system in my main TV room, but this 100 dollar speaker is great too, and is portable.
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Outstanding By      
5 stars

Got as a Graduation Gift from my mom and it's amazing would recommend this to anyone the price mayseem like altbut it's truly the best you will find.
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How do I pair a new device to the SyrenPro™ units while in TrueWireless Stereo™ mode?
To pair a new device press the Bluetooth® button on the SyrenPro™ unit that has its channel switch set on “Right”. This will disconnect any existing Bluetooth® pairing and allow you to pair a new device to SyrenPro™.
Can I use the TrueWireless Stereo™ feature if I plug a device into the aux-in port of SyrenPro™?
TrueWireless Stereo™ mode only works if the device is paired through Bluetooth®. To set up a stereo system on two SyrenPro™ units without using Bluetooth® you will need an audio splitter to connect your device to the aux-in ports on each SyrenPro™ unit.
Why is the Bluetooth® not functioning on my SyrenPro™?
1) If you are using one SyrenPro™ please make sure the channel switch at the back is set to "Normal" then power on the speaker and pair your device. If you have two SyrenPro™ units, make sure one speaker is set to "Left" and the other to “Right" before powering on both speakers and pairing your device.

2) If you have an audio cable plugged into the aux-in port please remove it. Once this is done SyrenPro™ will switch to Bluetooth® mode.
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