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Rainbow8 by iLuv, Apple HomeKit Certified WiFi Multicolor Smart LED Light Bulb For Smartphones and Tablets. Multiple bulb grouping, scheduling, location triggers and scene setting through free app
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  • Apple HomeKit Certified
  • Control your lights through Siri
  • The Rainbow8 has WiFi capability built in so it can connect directly to your router without Hub (Bridge)
  • Plug and Play: Quick and easy setup
  • Fully control your lights inside or outside of your home*
  • 800+ Lumens = 60W equivalent
  • Brighten your home with over 16 million lighting colors to choose from
  • E26 Standard Fitting
  • Control lights wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet using the free app: Rainbow by iLuv
  • Group multiple Rainbow8 bulbs together to control them all at once
  • Create schedules for your lights to turn on/off automatically with the Time trigger feature
  • Unique Location trigger to alert when you reach or leave a specific area
  • Brighter yet more energy efficient than a regular 60W incandescent light bulb
  • Constructed from high-quality materials and tested to ensure long-lasting and reliable operation
  • Long lifespan of more than 20,000 hours saves you energy and money
  • Estimated Energy Cost is $1.20 per year, saving 83% of energy
  • 9W power consumption


* To control your accessory remotely, you need an Apple TV separately which works as a home hub. You can also use an iPad (iOS 10 or above) as well which must remain in your home, connected to your home WiFi network, and powered on.

What is included
Rainbow8™, Quick Start Guide, warranty card
Bulb Base: E27 (EU) / E26 (US)
Lifespan: 20,000 hours
Instant Start: Yes
Smartphones and Tablets

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1. Do I need a hub (bridge) to use rainbow8?
a. No. While most smart bulbs in market do require a hub (bridge) The Rainbow8 has WiFi capability built in so it can connect directly to your router.
b. Most smart bulbs in market do not have WiFi and therefore, they require a hub (Bridge) to connect the bulbs to WiFi Router.
2. What are the requirements for my WiFi in order to set up properly?
a. Apple strongly recommends using WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal WiFi routers. You might already have one, as these are the most common WiFi router security set for home.
b. We suggest you to stay close to your WiFi router while you set up.
c. Please connect your phone to 2.4 GHz WiFi signal as Rainbow8 does not work with 5 GHz WiFi. Please check with your internet service provider if you are not sure if you have 2.4 GHz.
3. Can I control the lights from outside?
a. Yes. To control Rainbow8 remotely you need an Apple TV (4th generation or above).
b. You can also use an iPad (iOS 10 or above) as well which must stay in your home. (Settings – Home – Use this iPad as a Home Hub: On)
4. Can I use Rainbow8 in Apple Home app to use with other HomeKit devices?
a. Yes. Since Rainbow8 is Apple HomeKit certified, it is compatible with other HomeKit accessories (
b. You can download apple Home app and use Rainbow8 in the app together with other HomeKit accessories.
5. What is Apple HomeKit?
a. Apple HomeKit is the name for Apple's home automation framework. With HomeKit, Apple devices have a standardized way to communicate with and control HomeKit-enabled accessories using Siri on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Q. How do I install Rainbow8?
A. Rainbow8 can be install easily like any standard light bulb. Rainbow8 is an A19 size bulb, and it can fit any E26 (or E27) socket.
Before installing:
• Turn off light for safety. Once the bulb is securely in turn light switch back on
• Make sure the location has good WiFi reception. To check WiFi reception, you can put your iPhone/iPad next to the bulb stand to see WiFi signal level on iPhone/iPad still has 2 bars or more, then it is good for Rainbow8.
7. How can I set up a HomeKit Accessory on my iPhone?
a. Make sure your iCloud account is active and your iPhone is connecting to your home's WiFi router.
b. Download the "Rainbow" APP on your iPhone:
i. Go to App store and search "Rainbow by iLuv"
ii. Install the app.
c. Following instruction on Rainbow app to add the bulb.
8. How do I use Siri to command Rainbow8?
a. On Rainbow App you can rename Rainbow8 into something simpler to remember. For example "Bedside Lamp". Then, after you rename your bulb, you can use Siri to control Rainbow8 by simply holding the home button and saying something like: "Turn on my Bedside Lamp", "Turn off my Bedside Lamp", "Dim my Bedside Lamp to 40%" or "Set my Bedside Lamp to Blue".
9. How many bulbs can I set up?
a. It is depending on your WiFi routers. Most routers allow up to 253 IP. The number of other devices you have using WiFi will determine how many Rainbow8 bulbs you can connect, totaling 253 altogether.
10. Do I need to power on Rainbow8 even when I do not use it during day time?
a. iLuv recommends you keep Rainbow8 connect with power & power switch on. Without your light switch on, Rainbow8 cannot turn on itself on schedule or by Siri/Rainbow8 app anymore.
11. Can I use Apple Home app to control Rainbow8?
a. Yes. With HomeKit integration, the Rainbow8 multicolor lights can also be controlled using the Home app on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch as well as Rainbow app by iLuv. You can also use voice commands to change the hue or adjust the brightness, using Siri.
12. Will this work with amazon echo, or Samsung Smartthings?
a. Rainbow8 is not compatible with Amazon Echo or Samsung SmartThings.
13. Do you have Rainbow8 for international countries?
a. Yes, we have a European version based on bulb type E27. While USA version (E26) and Europe version (E27) are almost identical with a difference of only 1 mm, we still suggest you to use Europe version due to safety regulation in Europe. The Europe version will be available from soon.
b. USA version
ii. Bulb type: E26 Edison Screw
iii. Power: 100V ~ 220V
iv. Countries where you can use: USA, Canada, Mexico
c. Europe version
ii. Bulb type: E27 Edison Screw
iii. Power: 100V ~ 220V
iv. Countries where you can use: Europe, United Kingdom
14. Does it work on 220 volts?
a. Yes, Rainbow8 works on 220 V also.
b. If you want to use in foreign countries, it is suggested to purchase international version due to the safety regulation of the country and different bulb type.
15. Does it work with a smart switch?
a. We do not suggest to use Rainbow8 with a smart switch.
Since Rainbow8 needs to be powered on to light up or off automatically, if you power off with the smart switch, Rainbow8 would not work according to your set up.
16. If I lost the set up code, what should I do?
a. We provided 4 stickers to for Rainbow8 bulb, Manual, and your record keeping with an extra.
b. If you still lost the set up code, please find your Mac Address and contact our customer service department.
c. Mac Address
i. Turn power off/on 4 times to reset the bulb. Light will flash with 5 different colors.
ii. On your WiFi set up page, find your Rainbow8.
iii. Write down the grey color letters next to the Rainbow8.

d. Contact Customer Service department
ii. 1-866-807-5946
17. How much energy does it actually consume?
a. Since Rainbow8 is LED light bulb, it consumes only 9W while its brightness is equivalent to 60W of incandescent light bulb with 800 lumens.
b. Estimated energy cost per year is only $1.08, saving about 85% of energy.
c. Its brightness of 800 Lumens with the small power consumption would amaze you.
Reg.Date File Name Download
1/13/2017 Rainbow8_QSG_online.pdf