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myPower 2600
Portable power bank for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s/5c/5, Galaxy S6/S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Note 4/3, LG G3, HTC One M8, and other smartphones
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Give your smartphone or tablet the power boost it needs when you’re on the go with myPower® 2600. This compact, ultra-portable battery pack is just the right size to slip in your pocket or purse so you can bring it with you anywhere. With a battery capacity of 2600mAh and 1 amp output, myPower® 2600 delivers the charge your device needs when you’re on the move.
Designed for Safety
myPower® 2600 is constructed with Grade A cells from LG® that ensure high-performance charging and reliable operation. Advanced circuitry prevents the battery pack from overcharging, overheating and damaging a connected device, so you can always charge safely.
2600mAh of Power to Charge Your Device
Not limited to just charging smartphones, myPower® 2600 is fully capable of charging almost any USB device, such as tablets, e-readers, portable speakers, Bluetooth® headphones, wearables and many more. With a capacity of 2600mAh, this battery pack can fully charge an iPhone 5s 1.6 times or a GALAXY S5 once.
Smart Power for Smart Charging
Made to charge efficiently, myPower® 2600 uses an auto-power function that allows it to turn on and begin charging automatically when a device is connected. There are no buttons or switches to press, just plug in and start charging. myPower® 2600 can detect the type of device that is connected and will provide the maximum charge output to charge the device as quickly as possible. When you remove your device, myPower® 2600 will automatically turn off and stop charging.
Portable Power
You never know when your device might need a power boost, so bring myPower® 2600 with you wherever you go. Lightweight and lipstick-sized, this battery pack slips easily into pockets, bags and purses so you can bring it with you when you’re on the move.
-Smart battery design prevents overcharging, overheating and damage to your device
-2600mAh battery capacity allows you to fully charge an iPhone 5s 1.6 times or a GALAXY S5 once
-Charge Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as other USB devices like e-readers, portable speakers, wireless headphones, and more
-Smart power function turns battery on/off automatically when a device is connected or removed
-Automatically detects type of device connected and provides maximum charge output
-Delivers 1 amp output
-Lightweight, lipstick-sized design for on-the-go use
-Constructed with LG® Grade A cells for high-quality operation
What is included
Micro USB Cable, Quick Start Guide
Dimensions: 0.9” x 0.9” x 3.5”
Capacity: 2600mAh
Output: 1A
iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3, LG G3, HTC One M8, other smartphones
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