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Slim protective case with magnetic on-off function and orgiami-style stand for iPad 3, iPad 2
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Origami Fun

The iCC843 OrigamiFolio adds fun to function. It's slim, yet durable, providing sufficient protection with a creative twist for your new iPad.


Five Viewing Angles

The dual-purpose magnetic, Origami style cover provides five unique viewing angles for enjoying video content on your new iPad or using the on-screen keyboard. Whether you use your iPad primarily for watching movies or videos or you like to take advantage of the keyboard function, there's sure to be an angle and origami configuration that suits your needs.


Magnetic On-Off to Save Power

Additionally, this magnetic closure powers off your iPad when the cover is closed, saving critical battery life when your new iPad is not in use. This ensures longer use time and lessens the need to constantly re-charge your iPad while you're out and about.


Fashionable Colors

The fun and function is topped off by fashion. Available in a bright selection of colors, the Origami folio is stylish and attractive as well.


- Slim case protects without adding bulk

- Origami-style stand provides multiple viewing angles

- Dual purpose magnet structure for closure and stand functions

- Unique magnetic on-off function saves iPad battery life

- Stylish folio makes a fashion statement with your new iPad

- Maintains access to all inputs and controls

iPad 3, iPad 2
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Based on 1 reviews
2 out of 5 stars

Most Helpful Customer Review

Great idea, poor quailty By      
2 stars

I had one of this last christmas, - by the way, I use my Ipad as much as anyone would use it, no rude use or anything like that - no one month later I had to glue the corners, and shortly after that, the sides. The "origami" concept its quite well designed, but seriously, the quailty has not much to say. Also, the magnets no the cover are annoying causing the screen to turn off as it is with the original cases, but with the cover clapped on the back!
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