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Funky interchangeable dual-layer case to absorb cushion impacts for iPhone 5/5s
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Make your iPhone 5/5s pop with Pulse, a case that features two different layers to create an interesting contrast of colors and textures. The first layer covers the sides and back of your iPhone 5/5s while maintaining access to all of the phone’s ports and controls. The second layer consists of raised, shock-absorbing ridges that interlock with the first layer to provide extra protection. These layers come in a variety of different colors, so you can mix and match them for a combination that suits your personal style.
Interchangeable Layers
Pulse features an eye-catching design that takes advantage of its dual-layer construction. The first layer safely encases your phone while the second layer interlocks with the first to provide added protection and color contrast. Pulse is a phone case that stands out like no other. With additional Pulse sets you can mix and match layers to create your favorite color combinations.
Impact Absorption
Both layers of Pulse are made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a material that is resistant to shocks and impacts. With the base layer to protect the body of your phone and the second layer to further cushion impacts, Pulse keeps your phone safe from harm.
Full Access to Ports and Controls
Protect your phone without covering any of its ports or controls. Pulse allows you to make full use of the iPhone 5/5s’s features and functions while keeping it safe.
Available in Fun Colors
Pulse comes in four different fun color combinations that you can interchange to express your style. 

- Funky, wave-like frame for protection and grip
- TPU material for impact absorption
- Maintains access to all ports and controls
- Protects and beautifies your iPhone 5/5s

iPhone 5s, iPhone 5
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Based on 9 reviews
5 out of 5 stars

Most Helpful Customer Review

Pink/White By      
5 stars

I love this product. I've had it for a month and my case doesnt get dirty at all. It stays the same just like the first time i bought it. Really love how it feels in my hand. Great shock absorption too..
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Pink/White By      
5 stars

So awesome! Love the color and it's super protective!
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Fits the 5c By      
5 stars

I bought this case for my 5c and it fits!
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my iphone does not break!!! By      
5 stars

i drop my iphone all the time and this case is so awesome that my phone still does not have any scratches...or any breaks! it really protects your phone! been using it for over a year now and i love how its not so bulky and so durable! the design is super cute as well...i got the pink and blue cover~ very cute and girly~ overall...great case~
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Not so good By      
5 stars

This one its a great producto, protective and really confortable on hands, but the BIG problem is that it will get dirty in no time, i dont know if it has anything to do with the material but, yeah, the white will become grey, and so on, even if you are super careful, theres anything you can do about it, maybe a new version with a new material will come out or something. If not, they should.
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Grey + neon yellow By      
5 stars

I love this and color. unique and comfortable.
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I really like this case. By      
4 stars

This case looks bulky but is very comfortable to hold. It doesn't slide around when I feel for it in my purse and I love the Zebra look. I thought the function buttons might be awkward to engage but they work "just fine".
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Grey/ neon yellow By      
4 stars

I like this case. It is somewhat bulky but its so unique looking that it doesn't really matter. I think it protects just as well as an Otterbox. I want another; the pink and blue one.
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LOVE my I luv By      
5 stars

Bought this case on a whim after being disappointed with 2 other cases. It's not that I'm picky, but a great phone deserves an equally fine case. Upon pulling the case out of the bag, oohs and ahhs escaped from family members. Once on the phone and passed around for the touchy-feely test, more approvals ensued. The on/off rubber button on top is a little hard to push, but after a week or so, I'm sure that will become easier. My main concern were the volume button covers, but they work perfectly. This is a keeper.
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