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Leather wallet case with two slots to hold credit cards & ID and one pocket to store cash for iPhone 5c
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Have the best of both worlds with Diary. A stylish case for your iPhone 5c made with PU leather on the outside and a hardshell cradle on the inside to offer 360-degree protection. Diary also features a sleeve with 2 pockets to conveniently store your credit cards or cash.
Premium Leather
Diary looks and feels like a premium wallet due to the high level of craftsmanship that went into its construction. Made with PU leather, Diary is smooth to the touch and pleasing to the eye.
Store Credit Cards and Cash
As a wallet case, Diary comes with two slots to hold credit cards and one pocket to store cash. Keep your credit cards and cash close at hand whether you’re attending a company dinner or simply out at lunch with friends.
Hardshell Cradle for Smartphone
A hardshell case made from polycarbonate makes up the right half of Diary. This case serves as a cradle to hold your iPhone 5c securely in place. Its tough and durable construction makes it as reliable as other protective cases, keeping your phone safe from bumps and scratches.
Superior 360° Protection
Diary’s combination of a hardshell case and a soft leather cover ensures that your iPhone 5c is protected from every angle. By closing the cover you can keep your screen safe. You can even close the cover in the middle of a call and still continue talking.
-Made with premium, PU leather
-Two slots for credit cards
-Polycarbonate interior shell securely holds iPhone
-Superior 360-degree protection
-Allows users to answer calls and keep the screen cover closed
iPhone 5c
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