App SmartShaker FAQ


Can I set SmartShaker™ to wake me up with both vibration and an alarm tone?
Yes, when you set your alarm on the app, make sure to select on both "Vibration" and "Sound".

How many alarms can I set?
You can set up to 10 different alarms on SmartShaker™ via the app.

How do I turn off the alarm when I wake up?
You can temporarily stop the alarm by pressing the "Snooze" button of the SmartShaker™. To turn off the alarm entirely just swith the SmartShaker™ to "OFF".

How do I change the duration of the snooze function?
1) Select the menu icon.
2) Select "Snooze Duration" and then choose the amount of time you want the snooze function to last.
3) Select "Done"

Does SmartShaker™ still work if I lose my phone or put my phone in the different room?
Yes, as long as you have set an alarm on SmartShaker™ through the app, the unit will continue to work regardless of the location of your phone.

What does the battery icon on the main dashboard of the app indicate?
The battery icon indicates the battery life of the SmartShaker™.

How long does the battery of SmartShaker™ last before needing to be recharged?
While battery life will vary among users, depending on the frequency of usage, SmartShaker™ battery typically lasts up to 30 days before needing to recharge.

Why does the SmartShaker™ show disconnection after I paired it?
The SmartShaker™ is designed to function independently. Since it does not need to be connected, it will disconnect from your device after making any changes to the settings.

Why is my SmartShaker™ beeping? (Original Version)
The SmartShaker™ uses beeps to indication connection and battery status.
- Start Sync – 2 Beeps
- Terminating app connection – 4 Beeps
- Reconnection to app – 2 Beeps
- Battery is under 15% - Beeps once a minute
- Battery is fully charge – Beeps once a minute (Please disconnect the charger)

How do I know when I need to recharge SmartShaker™?
When the battery is low, the SmartShaker™ will beep once every minute. You will also receive a notification from the app.

Can I use the iPhone app to "wake now" or is it only based on the time set on the alarm?
I need to wake my daughter for medical treatment as needed
After data synchronization between the Smart Shaker and phone is done, the connection is dropped automatically, so that it can work independently. Thus, iOS Apps "wake now" function won't work.

Can I set how strong and how many seconds it shakes?
The SmartShaker™ does not provide the function to set the vibration strength but we do assure you that the vibration strength is as strong as our other proven Vibration Alarm products.

Do you need your phone to turn it off or is there a switch to turn it off?
The SmartShaker™ has a switch on the side which allows the device to be turned on or off. As for the alarm function: the SmartShaker™'s alarm is controlled through the Phone but once the alarm is set, even without the phone, the alarm will go off.

Is there a strong vibration? Is this product good for heavy sleepers?
Many of our customer replied back that it has a strong enough alarm to wake up and the tone is loud enough to hear as well.

Does it vibrate for a phone call notification too?
The SmartShaker™ does not vibrate for Phone Call or Message Notifications. We didn't add this functionality because this is a sleep aid product and did not want SmartShaker™ users to be bothered by additional vibration/noises.

Can you set a vibrate alarm without a sound?
I don't want to wake up my roommate.
The iLuv SmartShaker™ can be set to vibrate, vibrate with an alarm sound or just an alarm sound.

Can I listen to music on the speaker?
The SmartShaker™ does not have the capability of a music playing device. The speaker in the SmartShaker™ is soley utilized as an alarm tone. This is an interesting feature that could possibly be featured in a future SmartShaker™. Stay tuned!

Will this work with Window's Mobile Phones?
The iLuv SmartShaker™ is currently not compatible with Windows Mobile OS.

Can it work for LG G3?
The SmartShaker™ should work with it as long as your phone has Android OS.

Do i have to use the smart shaker app or can i use my own alarm app?
The SmartShaker is designed to function with the iLuv SmartShaker app only.

Can I use my iPad for the SmartShaker app?
Yes. While the current app is designed for an iPhone, you can still use it from your iPad.
From the App store, please change ‘iPad only’ to ‘iPhone only’ to search for our SmartShaker app.
We are in the process of developing an iPad design.