App iLuv Home Smart WiFi Plug FAQ


Can I plug in a power strip to the Smart WiFi Plug?

Yes, you can. You can plug TV, satellite box, and stereo receiver into the power strip and plug it into Smart WiFi Plug. As long as the total power load is less than 1875W, it works fine.


I cannot control the connected device. What should I do?

- Check if your mobile device is connected to the same WiFi as the Smart WiFi Plug

- Check if the connected device is switched on

- Remove the Smart WiFi Plug from the iLuv Home app (Device icon -> Menu symbol on the top right -> “Remove Device” at the bottom) and try to set it up again


I entered my phone number for registration but it did not work.

Type in the phone numbers only, no brackets"( )" or hyphens “-”. With symbols between numbers, the registration will not work.


Can I use voice command through Amazon Echo or Google Home?

Yes. As the Smart WiFi Plug is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can make voice command such as “Turn on laundry plug”, after setting up Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Google Home.


How can I set up Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant?

Open the iLuv Home app -> Select “Settings” -> Select “Works with” -> Follow the guideline from the app


Can I plug the Smart WiFi Plug into an outlet which is connected to wall switch?

It is not suggested to plug it into an outlet connected to a wall switch. If you turn off the wall switch by chance, the Smart WiFi Plug cannot be turned on since there is no power to the outlet.


If I move the Smart WiFi Plug to another outlet, do I need to set up again?

No. As the Smart WiFi Plug remembers the IP configuration, it will continue to work without setting it up again.


After a power outage in my house, do I need to set up the plug again?

Yes. Since your WiFi router has reset, the Smart WiFi Plug also needs to be setup again with the new IP configuration.