Rockwall 6 USB-C

Compact six-port USB wall charger with USB-C and USB port

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RockWall® 6 Type C is a portable charger that features 5 USB ports and one USB Type-C port, allowing you to rapidly charge up to six devices at once. With smart charging technology, RockWall® 6 Type-C can automatically detect the types of devices connected and provide the maximum charge output so that your devices can charge as quickly as possible. Compact and portable, RockWall® 6 Type-C is the perfect charger for all your devices, both at home and while traveling.
Charge Six Devices at Once
RockWall® 6 Type-C is equipped with 5 USB ports and 1 USB type-C port that let you rapidly charge up to six devices at once. Instead of looking for available electrical outlets or dealing with multiple chargers, you can plug RockWall® 6 Type-C into one outlet and charge your devices quickly and efficiently.
Charge Smarter, Charge Faster
Smartphones, tablets and other devices each have different charging requirements. A charger that charges a smartphone quickly may take longer to charge a tablet. Fortunately, RockWall® 6 Type-C charges all devices at maximum speed through smart charging technology. RockWall® 6 Type-C can identify the type of device that's plugged in and provide it with the specific charge output it needs to charge at full speed. Just plug your device to any port and experience fast, efficient charging like never before.
Keep Smartphones, Tablets and More Powered
With its universal charging capability, RockWall® 6 Type-C can charge almost any USB device as well as an USB type-C device. In addition to iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, e-readers, portable speakers, Bluetooth® headphones and wearables, plug in your Nokia N1 tablet, Google Chromebook Pixel, Google Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 5X, or Apple Macbook 12 inch through the USB Type-C port. Keep all of your devices charged from one convenient power source.
Designed for Safety
RockWall® 6 Type-C features premium quality, built to prevent overcharging, overheating and damaging any connected devices.
The compact size of RockWall® 6 Type-C makes it a great portable charger to bring on the road. Take it with you on family vacations or road trips with friends to conveniently charge everyone's devices. RockWall® 6 Type-C also has an input voltage of 110-220V that allows you to use it even while traveling abroad.


-Smart charging technology allows any device to be charged through any port at maximum speed
-Rapidly charge up to six devices simultaneously (one USB Type-C and five USB port)
-Total charge output: 10 amps
-New Type-C port is perfect to charge any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or phablet with a reversible Type-C (USB-C). Ideal to charge your Nokia N1 tablet, Google Chromebook Pixel, Google Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 5X, or Apple Macbook 12 inch in your car.
-The Type-C USB connector allows you to get a rapid charge (3A current output) to your device. 
-USB ports charge Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as other USB devices like e-readers, portable speakers, wireless headphones, and more
-Smart safe design prevents overcharging, overheating and damage to your device
-Compact, travel-friendly design
-Input voltage of 110-220V makes it perfect for international travel
-Premium construction for durable and reliable operation


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  • Dimensions, size, and output?

    Dimensions - 4 x 1 x 2.7 inches
    Weight - 11.7 onces
    Input Voltage - 110-220V
    5 Type-A Port Output - Max 2.4A each
    1 Type-C Port Output - 3A Max
    Total Maximum Output - 10A