iLuv Multi 10 Port USB charging station - iPad charger, USB charger and Tablet charger,  Fast Charging and Sync up to 10 iPads, Charging with Flexible Space, Secure Protection, and High Durability
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iLuv is the premier provider of the most comprehensive line of accessories for the mobile lifestyle. By providing a constant stream of new and innovative products with quality and value, iLuv is the perfect selection for all of your mobile lifestyle needs.


Do you need to charge multiple iPads or tablets quickly? You can quickly charge up to 10 devices simultaneously with MultiCharger-X2, a simple solution for schools and businesses that deploy iPads or tablets as a workplace tool. If you use iPads, it allows you to sync all the iPads at the same time by the Configurator, saving huge amount of time. Owing to the enough space in slots, you can charge iPads/tablets with case. For big size tablets you can take out the trays and store them vertically. Security is very important at school or work place. MultiCharger-X2 comes with a lock seat/a bottom metal bracket to mount on a table, a top metal bracket for a security lanyard, and 3 point locking door lock. It is universally compatible with products using USB charger: iPad, iPhone, smartphone, tablet, e-reader, wearable and more. Ultimate solution for schools and Businesses is here.




AC 100-120 Vac, 50/60Hz, 3A

Output: USB 5V, 2.4A

Weight: 33 Lbs

Dimension: 17" x 13" x 16" (inches)



Charging Support: iOS_Apple / Android / BC 1.2

Sync Support: iOS_Apple



1 MultiCharger-X2 unit, 1 power cable, 1 sync cable, 2 door keys, lock seat, locking kit, stacking screw, user manual



Charging & Sync: All Apple iPad series

Charging: Tablets all with USB port


ipad charger


Quickly charge up to 10 iPad devices at once with 2.4A. MultiCharger-X is a simple solution for schools and businesses that utilize iPad or tablets as a workplace tool. The MultiCharger-X2 also allows users to sync data across multiple iPad devices Also, MultiCharger-X2 upgrade to charge up to ten Android tablets. Save time and manage the assets effectively.

MutiCharger-X2 has enough space in slots and allows you to insert iPads/tablets with cases on. If you have thick rugged cases, you can simply adjust the slots.

6 slots (HxWxD: 2.0" x 9.5" x 11.0"

8 slots (HxWxD): 1.5" x 9.5" x 11.0"

10 slots (HxWxD): 1.1" x 9.5 "x 11.0“



iPad Charger


Do you have a new 12.9" iPad Pro? Don't worry. You can even store the big size tablets. Now you can place the big size iPads or tablets vertically. The removable trays give you more options for your needs. Also, MutiCharger-X2 has enough space in slots and allows you to insert iPads/tablets with cases on.


ipad charger


Protect your investments with a 3-point door lock. The value of 10 iPads or tablets is quite a lot that you don't want to lose. MultiCharger-X2 is made of heavy duty metal and features a sturdy locking door that comes with 2 keys. Secure them with the door lock and have peace in mind.


ipad charger


You can mount MultiCharger-X2 on the table with a lock seat in the center or a metal bracket on the backside bottom. You can pull out another metal bracket on the backside top and connect it with an unmovable object, using a security lanyard. (Not included)

ipad charger


To cool down the tablets while charging, MultiCharger-X2 adopted a high grade cooling fan which is commonly used for computers. It automatically turns on to vent out the heat inside as the tablets get warm during charging. The sound of fan will let you know that your assets are protected from heat.


ipad charger


Two units of MultiCharger-X2 can be stacked up to save space. MultiCharger-X2 is designed to hold top and bottom units tightly with stacking screws. Don't worry whether the top unit slips away and breaks all valuable devices. Save space with confidence. (Wheels not included) 

lighting and 90 degree cable


Some convenient accessories for MultiCharger-X2 are sold separately.

Short cable bundles remove your concern about tangles: 

Lightning cable x 10 pcs,

Micro USB cable x 10 pcs.





Ask a Question
  • Hi, is it possible to sync all the iPads using a Windows PC? If yes, is the software app already in your product or available via internet? Thanks!

    Yes,  first you need to  install iTune to the Windows PC, then your Pc link to MultiCharger-X2 , to sync all the iPads

  • I have 40 iPads. Can I link four MultiCharges together to sync all 40 iPads at the same time.

    We recommend linking only up to 3 units. However, depending on your internet environment (download speed, etc) and the size of the files being downloaded more MultiCharge X2's may be used.

  • Will this charge Kindles?

    Yes. It will charge e-readers like the Kindle.


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