iLuv AirFree Wireless Audio Transmitter Connecting AirPods and Bluetooth Headphones to  Audio Jack on Airplane Entertainment System, Treadmill at the Gym, Nintendo Switch Controller, TV and More

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We all know that we need little comfort in our life and iLuv AirFree™ is a product that brings back that comfort into your lives. With the help of this tiny gadget, anywhere you plug the aux into, you can just hear right from your own AirPods or wireless headphones. We can also mention the fact that it allows for private entertainment such as watching in-flight movie, watching personal TV at the gym, watching TV at home without bothering others, playing a game on Nintendo Switch even from those devices have only wired headphone jack. Setup is easy and simple, and the size is compact and portable.



STAY WIRELESS - with your AirPods or Bluetooth headphones when you connect to AirFree™

CONNECT IN SECONDS - to AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones through easy & simple pairing of AirFree™

USE IT ANYWHERE - by connecting to 3.5mm audio jack of in-flight entertainment system, personal TV at the gym, TV or PC without Bluetooth, or Nintendo Switch

TINY & PORTABLE SIZE - with a uni-body design so you don't need to worry to lose any parts except universal micro USB charging cable

ENJOY ON THE MOVE - with built-in rechargable battery empowered up to 6 hours playtime and 8 hours standby; 1.5 hours charging and ability to stream wireless music while connected to the charger for longer play time



- Audio source: 3.5mm aux/headphone jack
- Headphones: AirPods or most of Bluetooth headphones/speakers


Ask a Question
  • I can\'t connect my AirPods® back to my phone after using with AirFree™.

    Turn on AirFreeTM first and pair your AirPods® with your phone again.

  • I turned on pairing mode on my Bluetooth® headphones and AirFreeTM but they don\'t connect each other.

    Disconnect your Bluetooth® headphones from other devices already connected. It might help to simply turn onthe Bluetooth® on your mobile device during setup with AirFree™.

  • My AirPods® flashed white in pairing mode and changed to green but AirFree™ still remains in flashing white. They don\'t seem connected.

    Disconnect your Airpods on your mobile device. On iPhone®, go to Settings > Bluetooth® > AirPods® > i and tab Disconnect. Then connect again with AirFree™.