SmartShaker Award Winning App-Enabled Portable Travel Alarm Shaker with vibration, ring tone, and combination option - compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Phones

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Wireless Alarm Controlled By Your SmartphoneConnects Wirelessly, Controls SeamlesslyMultiple Alarm Options, Small Size with Full Features and Long Battery LifeElegant ColorsiLuv SmartShaker Additional Information
Wake up on time without disturbing your spouse or roommate by using SmartShaker™. This wireless bed shaker fits under your pillow and uses vibration instead of sound to wake you up effectively and discreetly. SmartShaker™ pairs to your smartphone via Bluetooth® Smart and allows you to set your alarm by time and date, as well as choose whether to be woken by vibration, alarm tone or both. Once the alarm is set, SmartShaker™ will work independently without your phone. The long battery life means it can be used for up to month before needing to recharge. SmartShaker™ is the perfect wake up alarm for couples, roommates, heavy sleepers and those with heariing loss.
A Smarter Alarm
Pair your phone to SmartShaker™ wirelessly and set your alarm. Once the alarm is set on SmartShaker™ it will remember the alarm and continue to work even if you misplace your phone or leave it in another room. Keep your phone in another room to avoid being woken by unwanted calls and notifications, then wake up on time with SmartShaker™.
Multiple Alarm Options
Wake up the way you want. Using the SmartShaker™ app you can choose to wake to vibration only, alarm tone only or a combination of both.
Shake Up Your Mornings
Get up on time without hurting your ears and waking your spouse or roommate. The vibration from SmartShaker™ is strong enough to wake you up, but without disturbing anyone else in the room.
Snooze Button
Not ready to get out of bed? Hit the snooze button on SmartShaker™ to silence it temporarily and get a few extra minutes of rest .
Long Battery Life
Connect to your smart phone wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart technology which consumes less energy. Once alarm set up is done, it even disconnects Bluetooth and work independantly.  The battery strength can be seen by just syncing the shaker to the app. The SmartShaker uses a strong lithium ion battery that can last up to 30 days before needing to be recharged (battery life varies depending on usage). It is strongly suggested to fully charge SmartShaker and use it until the battery is completely deleted 3 times to maximize full battery power. 
Set it and forget it
The SmartShaker works independently without your phone or Bluetooth connection once the alarm is set. You need Bluetooth connection for sync only when you set up alarm. Don’t worry about Bluetooth, alarm, or power. Just use it!



-Vibrates stronger than most smartphones' alarm. Light weight and small so you don't feel it in your sleep.
-This vibrating alarm clock connects to your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth® Smart
-Set up to 10 alarms with the easy-to-use app (iOS and Android)
-Multiple alarm options: wake up to silent vibration, ringing audio tone, or both
-Set it and forget it – once the alarm is set, it will go off even if it is disconnected from your smartphone
-Great for travelers, couples, roommates, college dorms, heavy sleepers and the deaf or people with hearing loss
-This bed shaker is small and thin enough to fit under a pillow
-Setup is simple and takes only a few seconds
-Long battery life lasts up to a month of usage before needing to recharge



Weight: 0.15 lbs

Dimensions: 3.5 in (W) x 7.88 in (H) x 3.5 in (D)


What's Included

SmartShaker™, micro USB cable, Quick Start Guide, warranty card



- iOS: iPhone, iPad

- Android: Samsung Smartphones Only

Questions & Answers

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  • Is the alarm choice and schedule memorized by the device so it can perform it's function even when the paired phone is outside of the 30 foot range? My wife and I want it for our daughter but don't want her having a phone in her room at night. Is the alarm acknowledged and turned off on the device or the paired phone?

    Yes. Once the settings are synced the SmartShaker will function indepentent of the phone. Both the phone and shaker will acknowledge the alarm time. The alarm can be turned off by either device.