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Pure Cleaning Combo Kit to Clean Screen, 99.9% Kill Germs without Damage Device – Ideal for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Monitors and any Electronic Devices(60ml)

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Use the Pure Cleaner on electronic devices such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop and others to keep them looking new and clean. This cleaning solution kills germs, breaks down grease and removes dirt, allowing you to easily eliminate stains, smudges and fingerprints from your devices. The Pure Cleaner is safe to use on all your electronic devices and is eco-friendly as well.


-Total cleaning solution for all types of electronic devices like your iPhone, iPod, Laptop, TV, Monitor, Cell phone, etc.

-Causes no damage or harm on electronic devices

-Cleans and kills germs on contact

-Breaks down grease into tiny molecules and removes greasy stains

-Completely remove dirt, fingerprints.

-Micro-fiber cloths, made from the finest materials, are ultra-soft and optical-grade

-Anti-germ & long lasting protection




-Eco-friendly formula

What's Included

-Bottled spray : 60ml

-Swab for keyboard cleaning: 2 pcs

-Disposable wipes (wet): 6 pcs

-Cleaning cloth

-Chamois micro-fiber polishing cloth for travel

-Micro-fiber cloth with towel texture for glossy surface


Mobile Devices


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