Morning Call 4Q

iLuv Wireless Charging Alarm Clock with LED White Display, Dual Alarm Options, Loud Alarm Clock Sound, 3 Levels of Brightness & FM Radio(Compatible with Qi Smartphones)
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Unlike our competitors we try to establish a sense of immense difference in design. We ultimately know that no one likes a product to look messy in their home. A modern design and clean simple look is something that can be place anywhere including our Morning Call 4Q. The design of the clock to represent a wood block which also includes the simple flat surfaces with a nice sense of touch. Even font of the clock was all taken into factor so that it would so simple that one would look at it for a genuine second and tell time quickly. It is completely FUNCTION and QUALITY combined together heavily.


Morning Call 4 Wireless Alarm Clock




The biggest feature to this amazing product is the fact that it has a wireless charging station for any Qi enabled device. Not only does it have the beautiful font digital clock, but also a wireless device charging station. This product is unbeatable compared to our competitors. Get the best product because you deserve it and for the right features of a wireless charging clock.

Morning Call 5Q

Large White LED Display

With this product you can clearly see the huge numbers to tell time. Perfect for reading time quickly and for alarms when needed to be in a rush! Go Go

LED Display


Dual Alarm and FM Radio

Both an alarm clock and a FM radio! It does the job correctly and if you want to use the radio as the alarm sound it works! Also, the special dual alarm feature allows you to set two alarms at once so you and your spouse / roommate can go about your days your own schedules.

alarm clock

Elegant Wooden Frame

The outer design is meant to mimic the look of a wood so that it gives off a natural look as an interior design piece. Not to mention a simple box design so it doesn’t get so cluttered in the user’s home.

Wooden Texture


COMPATIBILITY : iPhone Xs Max, XR, X/Xs, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8/5, Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/S8+, S7/S7 Edge, S6 Edge+, S6/S6 Edge, LG V30, Nexus 7/6/5, other Qi enabled smartphones/tablets and accessories


WHAT’S INCLUDED : Morning Call 4Q, AC Adapter, Quick Start Guide (QSG)




Ask a Question
  • Does this have USB ports in the back so you can charge like an apple watch?

    This model only offers wireless charging. Please consider the Morning Call 5Q instead. It features a USB charging port and wireless charger.

  • Does it have battery back-up.?

    The Morning Call 4Q features a, 2 AAA battery, memory back backup system. This backup system will not run the unit during a power outage, however the time, alarm settings and radeo presets will be restored after the outage.

  • Does this have a shaker port?

    This model does not feature a shaker.

  • Does this offer quick charging?

    This unit offers normal wireless charging.

  • What is the over all size of the radio?

    The Morcal4Q unit size: W x H x D 5.9 x 2.17 x 4.34 inch

  • Does the clock automatically adjust for daylight savings time?

    The time must be adjusted for day light saving manually.

  • How long does the alarm go off without user intervention?

    It will alarm for one hour.

  • Does it support 110 and 220 V?

    Yes. The AC adaptor for the Morning Call 4Q is 110-240V, 50/60Hz.

  • Can you charge your phone with the case on ?

    Yes. Provided the case does not have a metal back or is not too thick, this charger will have no problem charging your Qi certified phone.

  • Will it charge an iphone XR through a thick case?

    This Qi charger can charge through cases up to 0.12 inch (3 mm).

  • Which iPhones will it charge?

    iPhone 8 and up


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