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iLuv Smart WiFi Plug, Mini Outlet Up To 1875W with WiFi Enabled Remote Control, Multiple Schedules, Timer, Grouping, Scenes, ETL, FCC, and Voice Command via Alexa or Google Assistant. No Hub Required
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iLuv is the premier provider of the most comprehensive line of smart devices and accessories for the mobile lifestyle. By providing a constant stream of new and innovative products with quality and value, iLuv is the perfect selection for all of your mobile lifestyle needs.

smart wifi plug


There are many smart electronics coming out on the market, but if you replace all your electronics and appliances with the new ones,it would be very costly. The simplest way to make your current electronics smart devices is to use the Smart WiFi Plug. Installation is super simple. Plug the Smart WiFi Plug into your AC outlet and plug the power cord of your electronics into the Smart WiFi Plug. Then, follow the setup guidance from the iLuv Home app. No hub is required, again saving your budget. By controlling the Smart WiFi Plug anywhere, anytime, you can turn on/off the connected electronics. Set up multiple schedules as you need and set up timers to save energy. You can even control them with your voice by connecting them to Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This small investment will change your lifestyle totally.

control from anywhere


Turn on or off connected device wherever you are. Since Smart WiFi Plug stays connected to your home WiFi network, you can control it through your smartphone anywhere anytime as long as you have internet access. You can add multiple devices in the iLuv Home app and control them at your fingertips. Change names as you want such as TV plug, bed room light or washer to easily identify and control them.


most appliances


As power output of Smart WiFi Plug is up to 1875W, you can control most home appliances including heater, microwave, or AC. Please check power consumption of your appliances. It is compliant to ETL, FCC, RoHS for safety. It also uses V0 class flame retardant material. Do not put your appliances and house at risk by using cheap plug. You can use Smart WiFi Plug with confidence.


alexa, google

multiple schedule, countdown timer

no hub required


You can control connected devices with your voice through Alexa or Google Assistant. Enable "iLuv Home" skill in your Amazon Alexa or Google Home app and connect your iLuv Home account to the skill. You can change the name of each Smart WiFi Plug to make it easily recognized by voice. Try "Alexa, turn on Kitchen light", "Hey Google, turn off TV plug", or "OK Google, turn on AC".


Through iLuv Home app you can set up multiple schedules to turn on and off your connected devices. Help your kids wake up and go to bed with connected light control. You can also set up timer on an iron plug to prevent fire, after using it. By managing the usage time of each electronics and appliance, you can save energy and extend the product lifetime.


Smart WiFi Plug is directly connected to home 2.4 GHz WiFi network and therefore, it does not need additional Hub, saving money and making the installation simple. Plug the Smart WiFi Plug into your AC outlet and plug the power cord of your electronics into the Smart WiFi Plug. Then, follow the setup guidance from the iLuv Home app. "Smart" does not have to be complicated.



scene, automation



You can add multiple devices in the iLuv Home app and create groups. Once multiple devices are in a same group, you can turn on or off all of the devices in the group at once. You can easily light up all the house with one click. Turn off all electronic devices when you don't need them.


You can create your own scene as you want so that the assigned devices work as you programmed. Try scene "Good Morning" to turn on lights, radio, coffee maker, and toaster. With one control your morning will be ready with your breakfast. Your devices can be triggered by external events such as sunrise, sunset, or temperature too. Smart Home with automation can start with Smart WiFi Plug.


Please make sure your Smart WiFi Plug is connected to 2.4 GHZ WiFi network as it does not work in 5 GHz. It works with smartphones with Android 5.0 or above OR iOS 10 or above. Please note that it is not compatible with SmartThing or Homekit. As it is designed for Home WiFi and will not function correctly within an office environment where WiFi protective firewalls are operating


Ask a Question
  • Are the LuV smart plugs dimmable?

    the Smart Wifi Plus  is not dimmable.

  • I want to use this in my garage where there is no heat. What is the operating temperature?

    The functioning temperature is -5°C - 50°C or 20°F - 122°F.  

  • Can I use this outside?

    This product is not designed for outdoor weather conditions.

  • So before I buy this, how will I know this plug will power on my devices?

    - Your devices must equal no more than 15 amps or 1875 watts per Smart Plug.
    - To test if your devices will function with a WiFi on/off plug, turn on your device then unplug it from your wall outlet. Wait a few seconds then plug it back in. If the device powers on and functions without you needing to do anything, the iLuv Smart WiFi Plug will work with this device.

  • Can I use this plug to power on/off anything?

    The Smart WiFi Plug can turn on or off the power to any device 15 amps or less so most household products are no problem. Please understand devices with a standby mode like tv's, audio equipment, etc. may still require you to press the power button on the device.


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