myPower 52 - 5,000 mAh

iLuv Smart Portable 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack with Dual USB Port, Safety Design, and LED Indicators
for iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, Tablets, and Other USB Devices.

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  • FUNCTION - The most important part of a charging bank is the fact that it should charge what the customer needs to charge! Our product fully DOES THE JOB of charging. Not only does this portable battery go at full speed to charge a phone, but it also contains a LED flash light so that you could use it whenever you need it! We’ve never seen a portable charger that included a flash light and that is some new thing!!!
  • FULL POWER- While other portable chargers take as long as two hours to charge, our charger can do less than 2 hours. It delivers a total charge output of 2.4A Our Smart Charging technology identifies your device and charges it at full speed and once the device is removed there is a smart power function that turns off the battery so that it could save for the next time!
  • FASHION - Who doesn’t love the simple chic fashion? Chic and simple is our product that is the size of an iPhone and light too. It is the exact definition of “PORTABLE” and who doesn’t need that? This slim fit portable charger has not yet seen it’s match and trust it is super reliable. It’s small and powerful.
  • COMPACT - This product contains a power punch. The smart battery design prevents overcharging, overheating and damage to your device. It definitely works at it’s full potential and we can clearly see that. We can guarantee you this device is like no other, unless copycat, and that you will be clearly satisfied at the job it is supposed to achieve.





  • 6,000mAh battery capacity allows you to fully charge an iPhoneX/Xs 1.4 times or a Galaxy S9 1.2 times.
  • Dual USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously.
  • Smart battery design prevents overcharging, overheating and damage to your devices.




  • This product is compatible with any iPhone products, Android, smartphones and tablets as well as other USB devices such as speakers, wireless headphones and more. 




  • myPower52, Micro USB charging cable, Quick Start Guide (QSG)


Ask a Question
  • How do you turn off the flashlight?

    Double click the power button to turn on and off the flashlight.

  • How do I check the battery strength?

    Press the power button once. The battery indicator will show 1 to 4 blue LED's. Four LED's is fully charged.


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