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Rechargeable Splash-resistant Stereo Bluetooth Speaker with Jump-Start Technology
Customer Reviews and Ratings
Based on 27 reviews
You get what you pay for...
Written by NowYouKnow.
8 Jan , 2014
The sound quality is disappointing.
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Written by .
12 Jan , 2014
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Written by PatCullen30.
12 Jan , 2014
This speakers great for around the house use. A little too quite for the locker room but that's okay. Sound quality a great in my opinion but I'm no audio buff
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Written by Val.
14 Jan , 2014
Does it have a multipoint conection for 2 phones in one time???
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Love it!
Written by Nikx.
14 Jan , 2014
My daughter gave it to me for Christmas and I really love it. I have an indoor swim spa , so the water resistant feature is key. Great sound and very easy to set-up.
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great sound speaker, my favorit
Written by NY princess.
11 Apr , 2014
I like this blue color speaker that I received as a gift from uncle...., its more than expected...its always with me at my room, bathroom, even outside fun time with my best friends....:)
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No help from Customer Service Dept.
Written by Katherine.
19 May , 2014
The unit stopped charging after 2 months. Unable to get a hold of anyone at customer service. No one answers the phone. The web address for technical support is of no value. No where do they trouble shoot the issue of the device not taking a charge. Perhaps now someone from the company will respond. I would really appreciate some help! I purchased two at the same far the other one is still working....but I have to wonder for how long? Frustrated and disappointed.
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It's needs work on
Written by the Tech guy.
22 May , 2014
For speakers it's reasonable price. But I got it for $30 so makes it better. Now first off if it gets wet it will be fine but it's a pain to remove the water out from under the grill. It lacks the bass so doesn't have that thump to make the table shake. Battery life is disappointing because even my iBt16 by iHome the little cube speaker has better bass and battery life. If it were me I would not recommend this product.
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Very great
Written by Chingot.
14 Jun , 2014
Very great for the price I would def recommend to anybody it's louder then expected but not to the max this is the beat speaker I have purchased it better then my beats pill
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Stops working
Written by MoDK.
18 Jun , 2014
After listening for about 20-25 minutes, the volume goes down and I hear nothing. Then I have to press the "play" key again to restart the speaker.
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Sound is awesome, until it starts cutting out.
Written by migede.
6 Jul , 2014
I bought this item last week. I initially paired it with my Kindle Fire HD. I was exceptionally happy with it upon first few minutes of use. After only about 20 minutes, it began cutting out for 1-5 seconds at odd intervals. After 30 minutes of listening to the songs stopping at random times, it finally stopped playing. I thought maybe it was my Kindle, because the battery was low (started off at 40% and ended up at 25% by the time I got out of the pool). I also wanted to make sure my WiFi was close enough, just in case that was the problem. However, the next day, when it started doing the same thing, I switched it over to my husbands Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cell phone. It also cut out with his phone (his phone is it's own mobile hotspot, so we were not using the same WiFi either). I really like all the other features of this product, but it is really irritating to have it cut out all the time. Is this normal or do I have a dud?
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Written by Jimbo.
6 Jul , 2014
Awesome device - bought on Amazon for 40 bux - take it golfin, hangin, anywhere, Great product and highly recommended.
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Very sad
Written by Jv.
11 Aug , 2014
Bought this for my wife as a christmas gift. We loved the sound and took it everywhere and used it daily. Our daughter loves dance so this unit was played everyday until the battery died, awesome battery life also. It makes me sad that she says "dance, dance" but we cannot play music for her anymore. Since it's been 8 months we lost the receipt we probably won't be able to replace it. The charger port is what failed and there is no way to take apart the unit and fix it, tried 3 different cords and still won't work. I hope the quality improves and maybe we Will consider another one but I don't see 8 months as solid craftsmanship. Iluv please fix this issue on these units.
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Written by sadmama.
11 Aug , 2014
So my husband bought me the iluvmobi out speaker for my birthday and when it came time to charge it, it didnt charge. My friend has the same one and said there should be a red light when you charge it. The red light didnt come on for mine. I cant charge it at all. This thing sucks!!!
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Died in 4 months
Written by Carmen.
8 Sep , 2014
I bought this for my husband in May and we have been using it all Summer with no issues. Suddenly, the iluv stopped turning on and when we tried to charge it, it no longer charges as the red light doesn't come on. Judging from the other reviews, this looks like a common problem. For a product that is sold in Canadian stores for over $100, it is a terrible product. It should last more than 4 months at that kind of pricing!
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Dont buy it
Written by Michae.
10 Sep , 2014
Wont charge anymore, same problem as everyone else. Tried to contact iLuv and got no reponse.
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Charging is broken
Written by Tay.
17 Oct , 2014
When I got it, it was working perfectly and the sound was really good and now every time I try to recharge it the instructions say there should be a read light that would mean its charging and for some good reason it not working anymore. Is there any way to fix it?
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loved it but.......
Written by donkey.
21 Oct , 2014
Stopped charging after four months. No help from company without a receipt.
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Battery died after 2 weeks.
Written by Renato G..
3 Nov , 2014
It worked fine for 2 weeks, then it does not charge anymore! I submitted a warranty ticket, hopefully they get this fixed because it is a good product.
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It is awesome!
Written by js1123.
2 Dec , 2014
It is an amazing product with good price. With the attractive design it provides splash-proof feature. Battery life was impressively long. The sound was loud enough. I also use it with my laptop, connecting through aux-in cable, as the speaker from my laptop was not loud. I even purchase one more unit for a gift.
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Charge issues
Written by Jeramie.
29 Dec , 2014
This speaker was working great until just recently. I am now having issues with it charging. It seems the charging port has gone bad.
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Charging issues
Written by Thy.
25 Jan , 2015
When I bought this a few months it worked great, I absolutely loved it and bought 1 for my father as well! Ive used it a couple of times in the past 2 months with no issues. But now all of a sudden it wont charge! I left it on the charger for a few hours to see if it might have been drained but to no luck! Very disappointed that the charging just stopped out of nowhere. Read some reviews online and it seems like im not the only one experiencing this issue! Bummer, as I was planning a beach day with friends soon :(
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Written by Elaine.
27 Jan , 2015
Loved my iluv ,,, not even a year old. Have used just a few times and started using it at work this week. Does not hold charge !!!! Very disappointed.
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disappointed customer
Written by Disappointed customer.
7 Feb , 2015
I'm very disappointed at the iluv company more so then my malfunctioned mobiout speaker. I have reported a ticket on their support section and they haven't emailed me yet. I have called the number repeatedly but nobody picks up and it instantly says no one has picked up. I hope iluv gets there stuff in gear cause I want them to send me another speaker system cause it still has warranty on mine. The speaker just says that it needs to charge.
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Written by pilcares.
8 Feb , 2015
Por favor solicito a uds el manual de operacion del usuario en ESPAƑOL...y asi sacarle el max provecho al equipo....gracias....El equipo es un isp233 MOVI AUT
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Written by Pavelly.
11 Feb , 2015
I received this as a years of service award (30 years) from my company. Worked great for a few months. Now - same problem as a whole lot bunch of people on here. Won't hold a charge - red light won't come on. Very disappointed, as I really liked it when it worked. I am going to recommend to my company to pull it off of their awards website. :0(
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Reasonable price and quality .
Written by mkking.
27 Feb , 2013
User friendly ,sound quite good and price is reasonable.
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