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High-Fidelity Sports Earphones
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comfortable, secured in your ear with clear and deep enough sound
Written by mohamed labib.
11 Jun , 2014
first, i'll explain why i decided it's time for a new earphone; i'm using jabra clipper ,it came with a headphone that lived with me for three months now ,then one of the speakers became silent unless i twist and vibrate the headphone wire ,till it come alive again. i purchased the iLuv iep414 after some extensive research; here is my feedback after using it for three days now : i am impressed with how it fits in my ear, i tried some jogging and i believe the only thing that would take it out is me taking it out, it really deserves a good design award, i tried the default one and it fits perfectly, although note that taking it out or wearing it is a bit of a technique to get used to it's built quality is early to be judged, however the headphone wire is a bit thick than average and long enough especially when comparing with the stock one that came with jabra clipper, however the speaker is covered with a basic metal cover with wider holes and thinner boundaries which worries me about it catching dust or whatever by the time it sounds great, sound is clear and crisp, but don't expect heavy beats or bass notes that will rock your body ,how sadly ! ,for me most of the time that is enough especially as music for me is just a background filter that keeps me entertained with what i'm doing raising the volume more than approx. 50% cause two problems so far; everyone around will hear some of what is playing which disturbs the place's quietness ,plus high notes are irritating to me, i can't withstand it at all ,may be it is a way to learn to listen at lower volume than usual for my health sake ! there is three holes on each speaker back, they participate a lot in producing deep sound, however trying to cover them with your thumb would shallow the sound a lot and i find it funny to play with with the my favorite songs' beats finally, i'm satisfied with my choice concerning how cheap it is, and i would recommend it if you are looking for something comfortable, secured in your ear with clear and deep enough sound and that's all
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