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Premium leather book case for iPhone 5/5s
Customer Reviews and Ratings
Based on 4 reviews
nice case
Written by .
14 Mar , 2013
muffles voice when on phone!
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How to Fix / Deal with Muffled Voice Quality during phone calls with this case
Written by Lemondixon.
22 Jan , 2015
After discovering the same problem mentioned in other peoples' reviews on this site (after weeks of people complaining they couldn't hear me before finally figuring this out), I also found 2 easy solutions (apart from replacing the case - which otherwise I am completely happy with and it aint iLuv's fault that this quirk of the iPhone 5/5s design causes this problem with ALL similar flip cases). The problem is the way the phone uses a noise cancelling microphone (in addition to the main one, and a 3rd one too!) between the camera and the flash on the back of your phone. Flipping the case back when making a call obscures this, causing a malfunction in the way noise cancellation works (see video in link below). Solutions are simple: 1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and then switch OFF Phone Noise Cancellation. Personally, I'd prefer not too and instead try the other alternative; 2. When you make a call, hold the case so that the front cover does not fold back over the camera, where the NC mic is, as described in this neat video Happy Days - Problem solved!
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Good and excelent quality leather case
Written by iMexico.
19 Feb , 2013
It is striking to the eye which is good because the iPhone 5 is well protected but... decreases the quality of calls while is on the iPhone
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great case if you don't need to use telephone feature!
Written by .
14 Mar , 2013
The case is constructed as are any of the "phone flip Cases" that cover the back of the phone which covers up a noise canceling feature on the Iphone 5. What happens is when you talking on the phone your voice is muffled.
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