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Life is full of jarring sounds and distractions; sometimes all we want is our music to relieve the tension and stress. City dwellers are barraged by numerous sights and sounds. Subway trains, traffic and crowds are all a part of the urban experience, but they can also be unpleasant. Our headphones and earphones bring the sounds you want to hear right to your ears, putting you in control. That’s why ReF™ is perfect for your urban lifestyle. / Inspired in New York
Fashion Completed
Style is timeless, regardless of gender, age, taste or preferences. Jeans, t-shirts and sneakers may be the basic elements of your wardrobe, yet they can be edgy fashionable and iconic at the same time. ReF™ headphones bring this iconic style and fashion to your mobile lifestyle. It’s classic, it’s sexy, and it’s adventurous.
Canvas exterior
Accented with contrast stitching
ReF™ Technology
Uncompromised Sound
ReF™ headphones are built with a titanium-coated diaphragm that provides a wide dynamic range, with mega bass and precise treble so you can hear the subtle details of your favorite tracks. The acoustic chamber architecture ensures excellent sound reproduction so you can focus on the music instead of the horns and engines of city traffic.
Uncompromised ComfortDeluxe ear cups caress your ears, focusing sound waves so they can be heard at their best. The material is so soft and comfortable, all you’ll feel is the beat of the music, enhanced with mega bass and precise treble. The ear cup covers are also breathable, for those hot summer nights. They also provide durability and long-lasting comfort, so you can enjoy your music for hours on end, minimizing the urban frustrations of train delays and pedestrian traffic.
Available colors
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