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The beloved Peanuts® cartoon strip has touched the hearts and funny bones of generations of readers around the world since Charles M. Schulz first introduced it in 1950. Appearing in twenty-one languages and 2,600 newspapers, Peanuts® is the world’s most widely read comic strip, reaching more than 355 million readers daily. With close to 50 years of non-stop running, Peanuts is the longest story ever told by one human being. And Peanuts® is regarded as one of the most influential and well-written comic strips of all time.
99% brand awareness among adults 18-49.
89% brand awareness among teens 12-17.
83% brand awareness among kids 6-11.
#1 rating in the Adults 18-49, Teens 12-17 and Kids 2-11 categories for ABC PEANUTS specials.
“A Charlie Brown Christmas” is the highest rated prime time special in all of broadcast television among kids 2-11.
Forbes Magazine named America’s #1 spokes character for 2010.
With an exclusive license agreement, iLuv will add nostalgia and fond memories to your mobile devices that no other accessories brand can offer. iLuv offers Peanuts in five different collections: Characters, Behavior, Messages, Green and Cartoon.
The accessories in the Characters series each feature individual characters from the popular comic strip. It seems most people can identify with at least one character, which is part of Peanuts’ charm. Choose a favorite character who best reflects
your personality.
The Behavior series uses Peanuts characters to communicate positive messages of attitude and perspective. The Peanuts comic strip is known for promoting a wholesome viewpoint making it
a family favorite for generations. Choose one that reflects your personal outlook.
Communicate popular and humorous sentiments from the comic with iLuv accessories from the Messages collection. One of the most endearing features of the Peanuts strip
  is its wit and humor. You can always share a laugh and a smile with
the Peanuts gang.
Eco-friendly attitudes are reflected in the Green series. Everyone knows Peanuts is people friendly, but this collection makes it Earth friendly too. Accessorize with your favorite Peanuts characters, while demonstrating your environmental awareness.
Fun and design driven, the Cartoon series takes full advantage of these exclusive designs, depicting the beloved Peanuts characters in a comic strip setting. This collectn brings together all the elements that everyone has grown to love about Peanuts throughout
the years.
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